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Frequently Asked Questions about the 2007 Modern Phoenix Home Tour in Marlen Grove

Q: If I open my doors for the home tour, what is expected of me?

A: Participation is really easy. Homeowners will open their doors from 2 to 5 pm on March 25, and the space should be relatively tidy (or if under construction, simply safe to navigate through). You need not prepare any formal presentation or tour through your home. Food and entertainment is not necessary, as it will be provided by the organizers afterward.

Q: How many people will be in my house?

A: Typically each home will have anywhere between 15 to 40 folks in it at a time, for the entire duration of the tour. The more homes open, the lighter traffic will be.

Q: I don't really know what Modern Phoenix is and I am not really into Ralph Haver. Why should I participate in this event?

A: Modern Phoenix is a design community passionate about preservation and progress that performs a valuable service which government and other agencies simply aren't able to at this time. Phoenix is at a crucial turning point in history where mid-century modern homes exist on the balance between preservation, modification or total destruction beyond recognition. Your three hours spent hosting a home on the tour would educate hundreds of design lovers about why these homes (and those like them) are worth more than a footnote.

Q: I'm on the fence about doing this event, why should I participate?

A: You'll get to meet some of the neatest people in Phoenix and it's rewarding to know that you did a good thing for our city. The tour provides FREE public relations for your business, or your friends' businesses that money just can't buy. You'll meet more of your neighbors and maybe even some future neighbors, too! Through increased exposure in the media, your home values will likely rise faster than without the event; participation adds to your home's story and the neighborhood's desirability. Lastly, it's a really fun tour! Read the testimonials below to hear from past participants about the benefits.

Our home tours are relaxed, creative and pedestrian events that bring communities together for dialogue about design and creating a sense of place

Q: What if my home is not done yet?

A: Are any of our homes ever really done? In our tour flyers, we always note your degree of completion. Our tour goers don't seem to mind seeing places under construction or remodel; they like to see the guts of things. Additionally, this event is a great opportunity to have dozens of design professionals walk through your space and let you know what they think! You can even directly ask for advice on a particular project, like the yard.

Q: What if somebody trips and falls? Or breaks something?

A: Tour participants are bound to a waiver that protects the homeowners from mishaps. All previous tours have been incident-free.

Q: I have kids. Who wants to see all their junk?

A: Folks with families do - and so do the designers that design for them! Learning how to live large inside a small space is a huge concern for families living in mid-century modern gems. We don't care if it means overlooking a few Legos or dirty socks. For us, that's as real as it gets.

Q: Do I have to be present in my home on the day of the tour?

A: No. You may be involved as little or as much as you like. You could delegate a trusted friend, realtor, architect, or family member to keep an eye on things for you. You could also put a buddy or one of our volunteers in charge for a while as you go out and tour through your neighbors' homes that day.

Q: Where do the ticket proceeds go, and do I have to buy a ticket to tour my own neighborhood?

A: Marlen Grove residents may attend the Sunday event for free. If the event turns a profit, the funds will be used to complete more research, photography, articles, educational programming and design networking events. For three years Modern Phoenix has provided these quality services completely free to the public. We would like to continue that tradition using proceeds from this annual event.

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