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Help the Modern Phoenix Community Save-a-Haver!

Come lend your talent and muscle to help rehab this rescued historic Ralph Haver home. -- the home that Ralph built for his family in 1945 in Canal North! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work together on a historic home that desperately needs some TLC, fast! If you have ever been curious about early postwar Haver Homes or wanted to meet some of the coolest MoPhos on the planet, come by and lend an hour or two of your time (or just stop by and gawk at the state its in, and keep the cold beer flowing!) Bring your tools, work gloves and friends -- and stay for barbecue by Matthew, too!

Saturday, Jan 26 and Sunday Jan 27 from 10 - 5 pm 4630 N. 11th Place just south of Highland

Celebratory Barbecue Potluck Saturday night at the Kings' rehabbed Haver Home next door.
The "Honey Do" List includes a wide range of jobs. All windows need decals and paint scraped off, plus a good washing. Front yard needs art and debris removal. Anyone feel like chainsawing a tree trunk? Back yard needs debris removal. Also disassemble swingset. Detached studio and two sheds need cleaning out. Studio sink area needs freshening up. Studio needs carpet removal. Backyard kitchen needs cleanup. The addition needs painting. And balloon removal. Built-in cabinet needs to be unstuck (painted shut) and new hardware. Original kitchen cabinets need scrubdown and contact paper. Perhaps removal of wallpaper? Unusual built-in vanity area needs TLC. Carpet in bedrooms to be ripped out. Living room needs carpet removal and paint. All walls need washing before painting. Bathroom needs freshening up, new shower curtain and window treatment. Bedroom cabinets need scrubdown and maybe contact paper. All white trim needs scrubdown throughout home. Entertainment center needs removal. Carport area needs debris cleanup and oilstain removal.

Yes, its a lot. But it's Ralph Haver's home. :-) Take an hour out of your day to help make a piece of Phoenix's history come alive.