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Saguaro High School in Scottsdale, Arizona

Designed in 1964 by Pierson Miller Ware & Associates

Built in 1969. Partially demolished by the City of Scottsdale and redesigned in 2007 by DLR Group. The eastern slab of the cafeteria features huge cast concrete formwork made of rough-hewn wood for textural relief. This wall features precast low relief designs that have been painted in several configurations over the years. This year, Saguaro Sabercat colors are featured. I have always refered to this motif as the Pink Panther meets the Fish and jet airliner. The concrete picnic table hasn't changed in decades. Promotional posters have been burned from the walls lately, evidenced by smoke streaks. One of the defining relief murals near the snackbar. See the Pink Panther head? The murals are featured on both east and west faces of the 100 and 300 buildings and have been painted numerous color combinations over the years. The eastern face is currently white. The fenstrated wall was likely precast in concrete. The western sun beats down upon the blue fascia and lets a patterned strip of light shine on the wall behind. The art, craft and ceramic area at Saguaro features cast concrete benches that appear to have been made of the same profile as the roof. An excellent economy of materials. An entry into the old Observation School playground. A toddler's view of Saguaro from inside what was the Observation School playground. The cafeteria features huge overhangs and an eastern wall textured with rough-hewn wooden formwork. Massive overhangs protect floor-to-ceiling windows on the cafeteria. As of July 2007 demolition of the Administration building (above) commenced. The classroom buildings have also been torn down and new buildings take heir place. The new Saguaro High campus was designed by DLR Group of Phoenix. They were responsible for the redesign of the nearby Coronoado High School campus as well, working around the original designs of architect Ralph Haver.

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