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Multifamily Living in Midcentury Modern Phoenix

After the initial postwar housing boom, marketing for housing in Uptown Phoenix on both east and west sides clear out to the 40's turned from single-family homes toward multifamily housing. Apartment buildings and this new concept called condominiums began to show up in glamorous late-50s advertising. Below are a few gems unearthed by Modern Phoenix and our research at The Phoenix City office of Historic Preservation, with shots of the dwellings today. cascades cascades cascadesThe Cascades has suffered a terrible change in paint scheme. cascades La Mirada The Palmaire Multifamily along Maryland maryland west maryland west The Monarch / Olympus, Mulberry and Embassy Square by Chopas & Starkovich Pueblo Bonita Today near La Grande Orange and the Boardwalk Paiute Apartments Today Casa Moderna Today casamoderna casamoderna Compare to door numbering at Executive Towers grandview gardens grandwvew gardens Grandview Gardens Today grandview gardens central park west Note connection to Casa Moderna. Central Park West The Boardwalk by Al Beadle Al Beadle's Executive Towers Gould & Hernandez Residence at Roman Roads  on the 2016 Modern Phoenix Home TourRoman Roads by Al Beadle Villa Verde near La Grande Orange and The Boardwalk 8000 and 8008 N. Central Ave aka Two West and Ten West Northern Moroccan Apartments by Al Beadle La Milagrosa Arc was rejuvenated by Helix Properties medlock west avenida hermosa Avenida Hermosa by Haver Nunn and Jensen. These complexes are found valleywide. View a renovation of the complex's model home. central turney 740 park lee alice Park Lee Alice by Ralph Haver and then ? ? ? Regency House by George H. Schoneberger, Jr., AIA Sands East by E. T. Wright Sources: Arizona Builder / Architect, The Arizona Republic, Maricopa County Recorder's Office, Point West