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The Ralph Haver Archive

The Portfolios of Haver & Nunn 1952 - 1967

AKA Ralph Haver & Associates, Haver Nunn & Jensen
Haver Nunn & Collamer and Haver Nunn & Nelson. "Haver, Nunn-the-less!"

From 1945 until the mid-80s, Ralph Haver and his associates practiced architecture in Phoenix, Arizona, leaving an indelible imprint on the way we live, work, learn, shop, worship and bank. As a native in the Valley of the Sun during the 50s, 60s and 70s, its possible you have experienced life in more Haver-designed buildings than any other firm of its time. See how many buildings you recognize!

The cover for the early portfolios is white emobossed cover stock. Images from the firm's portfoliio are reproduced with kind permission of Jimmie Ray Nunn, copyright 1952 - 1967. All rights reserved.

Although the firm went through many personnel changes over the decades, two creative forces remained constant: Ralph Haver and Jimmie Nunn.

Municpal Office Complex for the City of Phoenix
Created in collaboration with colleague Ed Varney & Associates.

Lou Regester Furniture, now Copenhagen

First Federal Savings and Loan, Scottsdale (Fashion Square area), DEMOLISHED

Engineering Complex, ASU, Tempe

Social Sciences Building, ASU, Tempe

Paradise Valley United Methodist Church

The Arizona Bank, 16th St. and Missouri

The legendary Kon Tiki in South Phoenix, DEMOLISHED

James Salter
is credited by his colleagues as having the most artistic impact upon the firm by designing such memorable structures as the Kon Tiki, Cine Capri, award-winning interiors, unique chandeliers and most any decorative design element in Haver & Nunn buildings. Salter worked for the firm in the Hawaii office until his untimely death.

The Cine-Capri Theater in the Biltmore area, DEMOLISHED

Van's, Honolulu, HI

Barrow's Furniture, Tucson

Circle-in-square Superlite blocks are noted in the portfolio as being a Haver firm design, and were referred to in vernacular as "Haver Block" at the time.

Barrow's Furniture in Phoenix shared the same complex as the Cine-Capri in the Biltmore area, DEMOLISHED.

The KoKo Club, destroyed by fire, in the Ritz Carlton / Biltmore area.

The 4747 Building at 16th and Highland, DEMOLISHED

3308 on 3rd Avenue follows the same principles as 4747, DEMOLISHED

Tower Plaza, Phoenix

Emanuel Finkelstein Residence, Tucson

Sunrise Park Recreation Center, Northern Arizona

Coronado High School, Scottsdale, MOSTLY DEMOSLIHED

Hohokam Elementary School, Phoenix

Kaibab Elementary School, Scottsdale

Revlon factory, South Phoenix

Owens Corning Fiberglass

Diesel Service Company

The Long Banknote Company

North Phoenix Baptist Church, Central and Bethany Home

Marine Air Station Housing, Marana Air Force Base, Yuma

Images from the firm's portfoliio are reproduced with kind permission of Jimmie Ray Nunn, copyright 1952 - 1967. All rights reserved.

The Ralph Haver Archive

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