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Fred M. Guirey, FAIA



A Talent for Transparency [HTML version] by Walt Lockley

Includes several more photos than the PDF, and a listing of known architecture in the area.


A Talent for Transparency [Modern Phoenix Folio PDF version] by Walt Lockley

Same article in a print-friendly keepsake format.


The F.M. Guirey Residence on Missouri, 2009

Documented by Rob Vallee in 2009


The F.M. Guirey Residence on Missouri, 1946

Vintage Photography

Guirey House Rehabilitation by Sterling Sodablasting

The Guirey House gets some desperately needed TLC after it's wood was painted over by an owner that just didn't get it. Glass-blasting was the answer.

The Mocine Residence, 1946, in the Del Norte historic district

CommunityWalk Map - The Architecture of Fred M Guirey, FAIA

Map of architecture by Fred Guirey in Phoenix and Flagstaff areas

Tract Housing: Improvement Needed
article by Fred Guirey



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