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Postby weasel on Fri Dec 08, 2006 2:51 pm

In Bucky Haver's contribution to Modern Phoenix, "Growing Up Haver", he told of laying bricks (on a sand base) to create the patios of the Haver family home at 6142 N. 20th Street. He explained that it was "... a 2 year (after school) project." for himself and his brothers, because it was "... a lot of bricks.)

Yes, it was! Having bought the 6142 house in 1999, we calculated that Bucky's brick patios an adjacent walks covered over 1,200 square feet. This size area requires more than 5,400 bricks. We removed these in 2002. Most were stained, broken, dislodged from their sand beds or covered with some mystery matter. Over 1,900 were beyond keeping and went to the dump. The remaining 3,500 bricks, when turned over to expose their undersides (that had laid in sand for more than 40 years) were still very usable. Of that total, around 750 were relaid at 6142. The remaining 2,750 were transported to our daughter's home at 1033 E. Montebello Avenue. There they were recently reset as a small front porch extension, adjoining walkways and planter borders.

Moving the bricks to a non-Haver residence may seem insensitive. But, I don't think so. The 1033 house is just across the street from Marlen Grove. Bucky's bricks should be just fine.
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