Update from MAPP in Tucson (9-18-08)

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Update from MAPP in Tucson (9-18-08)

Postby azpreservation » Thu Sep 18, 2008 3:27 pm

Dear MAPP members and friends,

All of our time in the September 9th meeting was taken up with the discussion about how to share the list with those who can help us to preserve our best modern examples without scaring owners off. More on that in a minute.

For that reason we did not get to the 2nd topic about how to disburse, distribute and find new uses for the Tucson General Sunshade material. And wouldn't you know it, that about two days later I received the email saying that the zoo would like us to find a new home for the salvaged material within 6 weeks (by the end of October).

Therefore, this is a call to all of you who work closely with contractors to find out if any of them have some space in a secure yard (fenced at least) It is a lot of material--it filled the 40' mini mobile. But it can sit outside as it did for all the years it was on the building. We will need volunteers to help us move the material--and will probably just rent a moving van for the day instead of relying on borrowed trucks.

In the meantime, I would like to call for an interim meeting as I don't think we can wait until our usual time of the second Tuesday of the month to formulate a plan for the remaining material. Would it be possible to meet at the same time/place on Tuesday 30 September? Please RSVP to me -- nequette@EMAIL.ARIZONA.EDU -- NOT the listserv if you are interested/can help on this project.

On the infamous 'list' front, we decided to contact the owners first, with as much information as we can provide them about the value of their property based on the criteria we identified, and in terms of the tax breaks possible. We are going to begin the pilot program very soon with 10 buildings in each category--private residential and commercial.

Well, I hope to hear from any of you with ideas about the move or what to do with the sunshade material. Thanks!
Anne Marie Nequette, Architect and Lecturer
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