Tucson Ranch home article in AZ Daily Star

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Tucson Ranch home article in AZ Daily Star

Postby PixelPixie » Sun Feb 17, 2008 3:09 pm

Ubiquitous Tucson ranch houses gain historic cachet
By Tom Beal
Tucson, Arizona | Published: 02.17.2008

Tucson grew up, or rather out, after World War II as the desert was carved into lots and filled with houses that, by and large, had the same basic design.

Pour a rectangular slab, sometimes deviating into an L or a U. Stack some block or brick for walls. Cover it and the attached carport with a low-slung roof built atop wooden beams or trusses.

Call it a "ranch" — a type of residential construction developed in California that swept across the country as a newly mobile middle class created American suburbia.

The ranch had big windows front and back, often with sliding-glass doors inviting an outside-living style. It had a rambling, adaptable interior.

More at:
http://regulus2.azstarnet.com/comments/ ... ?id=225556

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Re: Tucson Ranch home article in AZ Daily Star

Postby rjroati » Mon Feb 18, 2008 11:41 pm

Thanks, Pixel! :)
This article is what brought me to your site! I'm so excited to find you good folks, I can hardly contain myself or know how to start - or when to stop! We have been renovating our 1948 built home in the Broadmoor Neighborhood near U of A and Reid Park for several years now. Not sure who built it or how to find out. It's been a labor of love. Added an addition, tiled the 2nd bathroom, added unfinished 2+1/4 inch oak flooring, exactly like what we found in the rest of the house when we removed the carpeting! I'm wondering if shellac was used originally to finish the flooring, as I'd rather avoid polyurethane. I'm getting ready to do something about the frayed formica countertops in the kitchen. Wondering if tile is considered more "modern" than granite. So happy to be in a neighborhood where we can bicycle to work and grow grapefruits in the back yard. Looking forward to visiting you in April! Thanks so much for all that you are doing...

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Re: Tucson Ranch home article in AZ Daily Star

Postby zatorskijoan » Sat Jun 07, 2008 12:55 am

regarding your countertops: Have you considered some of the recycled counter materials that are available? I was in the store "ORIGINATE" in the downtown area of Tucson and the materials available there for home projects were dazzling! The countertops possible using recycled glass, in particular, are quite exquisite. You might want to check out this type of replacement countertop... I was astounded with the effects possible using recycled glass material.
Please keep our group posted on your choices and progress... and include photos of your work (with before and after shots, if possible!). For novices like me, seeing the fruits of the labors of others is one of the best motivations to keep on target with my own!
Many thanks for sharing your story.
Joan :D

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