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Mod block work in Tucson

Postby hectoracuna » Sun Aug 05, 2007 12:24 pm

I thought this was some nifty block-work. This place is in downtown. Guess I should pay more attention to where these are. Just came across it as I tried to wind my way to the Tap Room for a cold Sierra Nevada and to wait out rush-hour traffic before I drove back to The Valley. Downtown Tucson is undergoing some major freeway reconstruction, traffic diverted in all types of evil ways.
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Update from MAPP in Tucson

Postby azpreservation » Mon Aug 13, 2007 9:32 am

Dear MAPP members,

It has been quite a while since I have sent a message on the listserv to let you know what MAPP has been up to. Part of this is due to the fact that we have been so busy with our day jobs that we haven't done a lot. But here's the all the news for now:

1. An Art Brown house has just come up for sale; the house is located in Tucson Country Club at 6101 E. San Marino. I am attaching photos and a link that Chris sent to me for the MLS listing (however, I cannot get it to open on my computer) I hope you have better luck or I may send an update on this. ... -N19982289

2. With a friendly nudge from Anne-Marie Russell, I wrote an letter to the editor of the Downtown Tucsonan, published this month, congratulating Welman, Sperides, Mickelberg architects, the City of Tucson Transportation Department and Triumph Builders on a great job in adaptive reuse of the building at 149 North Stone Avenue (the Little Poca Cosa is just one part of this great remodel) Because this is the kind of preservation that MAPP advocates, it is so important to publicly celebrate good work. I have also sent the press release to the Star and Citizen, and hope to get something in the Weekly.

3. I have had a great group of students working on a bus shelter design that re-uses the Tucson General Hospital sunshade. They have done a great job. We have a wonderful client--Pamela Farthing-Nayak of Quarterpenny Corp. and Tom Fisher and the City of Tucson Transportation has been so supportive and helpful in the design phase of the process. We hope to do the 'build' phase in September or October. See images of the student design on the MAPP website:

4. The City of Tucson planning is reviewing the initial Broadway and Grant corridor plans, partly based on the information that we sent to them and is on the MAPP website about the buildings that worth saving.

5. The Wilmot Library Charette last December was an exciting, creative, productive and wonderfully collaborative experience. Nothing like bringing together a bunch of architects who love the building, patrons of the library, librarians, and the representatives of Pima County to find the most creative ways of looking at the problems that need to be solved. The document that resulted from that design charette is being used to put together the Request for Proposals that will be coming out soon.

As always thank you for your support in our ongoing efforts. If you haven't renewed your membership yet, we hope you will do so soon. Please see our website:

Thank you,
Annie Nequette and Chris Evans


Annie -- Thanks (from Phoenix) for the great updates on MAPP's activities and good works.

Your students' design (item 3.) for re-use of Tucson General Hospital sunshades is wonderful. Maybe someday they'll be all over town in multiple shading roles. Your "History" link on Tucson General should mention that University Medical Center also facilitated, through SWCA's documentation of the hospital campus, the donation of Arthur Brown's original TGH drawings by his son Gordon to Brooks Jeffery and the UA Architectural Archive. Included in Brown's TGH files were copies of Norman Hamill's 1959 TGH building and Bert Thorud's 1961 additions at TGH.

Thanks also for the lists and images (item 4.) of Broadway Corridor buildings that will be impacted by widening. The RFP on engineering design (including resource evaluation) was issued a few weeks ago. This is very helpful.

Finally, on your report (item 5., and Current Projects link) that the SHPO's Historic Sites Review Committee agreed (unofficially but unanimously) in 2006 that the 1964 Wilmot Library "is eligible for the National Register," I submit a word of caution. Under current NPS guidelines, nominating the library would require establishment of "exceptional significance" for a building less than 50 years of age. We all know it's significant, and it shouldn't have to wait 50 years to prove it, but listing it in the National Register is easier said than done. I hope Brooks will add a few words about the 2006 endorsement, and any cracks in the NPS 50-year guidelines.

Jim W. Steely, Senior Historical Consultant
SWCA Environmental Consultants
2120 North Central Avenue, Suite 130
Phoenix, Arizona 85004
602-274-3958 FAX

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Re: Modern Tucson

Postby cath1961 » Wed Nov 18, 2009 9:52 pm

I think it was Bert who had the great photo of the interesting block design on the downtown building. I too took photos of that building and while I haven't uncovered the architect or the year, I believe it is currently being used by a credit union. I will add it to my list of things to check out!


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Re: Modern Tucson

Postby cath1961 » Wed Nov 18, 2009 9:53 pm

Sorry...It was Hector, not Bert.

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Re: Modern Tucson

Postby Corvid » Tue May 25, 2010 12:17 pm ... velopment/

Great story on walkable development.

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