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Postby azpreservation » Tue Oct 17, 2006 2:47 pm

As summer comes to an end, another year begins for Tucson's Modern Architecture Preservation Project. I wanted to take a few minutes to give you an update on our ongoing efforts to preserve Tucson's outstanding modern architecture. MAPP's 2005-2006 accomplishments include:

1. The 2005 Home Tour (in association with the AIA) of 9 mid-century modern homes. Nearly 700 people visited these outstanding houses.

2. We successfully lobbied Pima County to withdraw its plans to demolish the beautiful brickwork of the Chicanos Por La Causa building at 200 N. Stone.

3. We have taken an active role in raising awareness of the threats to and significance of the Wilmot Public Library. The building does not currently meet the needs of the library system and library and county officials are currently considering several options, including demolition. The library was designed by Nick Sakellar in 1964, and received a National Design Award from the AIA and American Library Association in 1966. MAPP requested a "preliminary determination of eligibility" from the State Historic Preservation Office; they have concluded that the Wilmot Library is in fact eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. We encourage you to write or email your county supervisor, or County Manager Chuck Huckelberry to lend your support. Background information on the library can be found on our website at (current projects)

4. MAPP has identified several significant buildings that may be affected by the recently approved RTA Transportation Plan. These buildings are located along the Grant Road and Broadway widening projects, and include:

Paulin Motors
2121 E. Broadway
Ragnar Qvale Assoc.
(Cadillac Showroom)

Barrows Furniture
2800 E. Broadway
Ralph Haver
(Child and Family Services)

Kelly-Broadway Building
2343 E. Broadway
Nicholas Sakellar
(Continental Building)

Supreme Cleaners
2332 N. Stone
William Wilde

Valley Bank
3033 E. Broadway
(Chase Bank)

Union Bank
945 E. Grant
Ivan Sarkiss Assoc.
(Compass Bank)

We have provided City Officials and transportation planners information on these buildings and their significance; the City Planning Dept. has invited MAPP to participate in the design process for these two transportation corridors. You can view photos of these buildings on our website.

5. We are currently engaged in a process of developing our website so that it can become a valuable community resource. The website will include information on significant buildings and architects, maps, and a real estate network where we hope to connect buyers and sellers of modern homes. Our goal for this network is to keep these modern houses in the hands of those who will appreciate them. If you are planning to sell your modern home in the near future, we encourage you to check in with MAPP to locate buyers who will respect the modern design of your home.

Unfortunately, we lost a few interesting modern buildings of note this past year, including Art Brown's Franklin Building on the UA campus, and the Greyhound Bus Terminal, designed by Blanton and Co. and Doug MacNeil. These are reminders that we have to continue to be diligent in our efforts.

Wilmot Library, the RTA Transportation Plan and the website will continue to be important components of our efforts in the coming year. Your continued financial support is greatly appreciated and will help MAPP continue to contribute to Tucson's urban development. Please take a few moments to send back the attached donor card. Your donation is fully tax-deductible. In addition, we encourage you to forward this email to others you think might be interested in learning more about MAPP.

As always, we invite any and all to join us at our monthly meetings, which take place on the second Tuesday of every month at 6 pm at the offices of Sakellar Associates, 100 E. 6th St. Please feel free to contact us with questions, comments or information on possible threats to important buildings. Thanks for all your help.

Chris Evans, President

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