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Photos 2007-16 Walt Lockley, Alison King, Yuri Artibise, Purple Nickel.

Creighton Christian Church

2131 E Thomas Rd.
Phoenix, AZ

The Creighton Church is Ralph Haver's earliest known attempt at church design. Built in 1947 it is a strange colllision between early Haver-home styling and classic roadside Googie architecture. In fact it is possible that the Googie aspects of this building are a later addition, they seem so far ahead of their time. A similar sweeping roof and steeple would be used on Orangewood Presbyterian Church in 1960, for which Ralph Haver and Associates did preliminary site work. Large buttresses support the six corners of the sweeping roofline. An early example of using fenestrated block (and in this case slump block) screens the electrical area